March 17

the adventures of JIBBIE #4

Jibbie was sleeping in his old wooden bed untill he woke up screaming because he had a very bad dream. So he got up and went to his giant cold food sack and picked out a chocolate milk. He was drinking when the Giant horse wale smashed through his house so quickly Jibbie grabbed his shrink ray and struck the Horse wale and put him in a tiny glass box.

March 17

the adventures of JIBBIE #3

Jibbie was picking some potatoes when a Giant horse wale ate wasabi! Jibbie got up and ate the giant horse wale so now jibbie was really BIG. Wasabi pooped inside the Giant horse wale which then speewed and then that made Jibbie speew so everything was ok, UNTILL WASABI STOPED BREATHING…and then he started breathing again YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$%%%%$$%$%%%$$??????????????????)(*&^%$#@!!$%^&*(&^%#

March 10

the adventures of JIBBIE #2

It all seemed dark and cold basically because it was night and nothing happened. Jibbie was still eating his pie when wasabi came and took it off him then he ate it. Jibbie was just sitting there on his rocking chair when a HUGE P.I.G came and landed on jibbie face. Jibbie is now a pug because his face is squished SUDDENLY jibbie face POPED and he now super UGLY like he was before…

March 10

The adventures of JIBBIE!!! #1

Once upon a time there was a little man person called Jibbie he lived underneath a old rusty bridge. Jibbie had a dog called wasabi and a small little migit house. One day Jibbie was eating a fat pie it was awesome and guess what he made it himseBAM!!!CRASH!!! AND UNICORN!!! The worst the most terrible thing just happened…:0

March 9

Maths Place Value PRE Test!!!!!!!!!

My place value pre test was boss. I got two things wrong, the first thing was renaming 4 digit numbers! So before the maths lesson I had to practice my renaming skills#amesome. When I thought I was confident  renaming numbers I got to practice something else! I was so happy:(. I had to practice writing long numbers in extended form. The next time I do my test I will try to get EVERYTHING correct so then I want